Quiz Vocabularies Juni (2)

I can’t believe that my time in Valencia was a perfect ending to my perfect (1) .... abroad. After listening one last time to my Spanish friends play the guitar, having lunch with Anna (a wonderful Spanish girl who I (2) .... Spanish with), saying good-bye to my (3) .... roommates and other friends I met here, it’s inevitable that I will miss Espana and all the experiences I have had there.

1.         ………
A.    adventure
B.    chance
C.   risk
D.   treatment
E.    threat

2.         ………
A.    performed
B.    expressed
C.   practiced
D.   explained
E.    said

3.         ………
A.    wonder
B.    wondering
C.   wonderful
D.   wonderfully
E.    wonderfulness

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Answers :

1. A
2. C
3. C