Yes / No Questions

Yes / No questions adalah pertanyaan yang menghendaki jawaban YES atau NO saja. Dikenal juga dengan interrogative questions.

Examples :

- Do you like to ride bicycle?
+) No, I don't OR
+) Yes, I do

- Are they students?
+) Yes, they are OR
+) No, they aren't

- Is she an office worker?
+) Yes, she is OR
+) No, she isn't

- Will you go to office?
+) Yes, I will OR
+) No, I won't

- Will Aulia come to my house tonight?
+) Yes, she will OR
+) No, she won't

- Can Tetra drive car?
+) Yes, she can OR
+) No, she can't

- Can they finish their homeworks?
+) Yes, they can OR
+) No, the can't

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